Each individual home has a listed maximum occupancy, which excludes infants under 18 mos. Occupancy limits are strictly enforced.

Abuse of occupancy limits at any time during the stay will result in $100 charge per person, per night, over the maximum, or, at the discretion of the owner, the agreement is terminated and guests must vacate the property immediately without any refunds.

Holiday rate

Holiday rate is an additional $50 or $100 per night, depending on the home. Minimum stays are required for holidays.


Please inquire about pets. Pets are an additional $35 per night, per pet. All our homes are pet friendly. Unauthorized pets will result in a $500 charge and termination of agreement without refund of monies paid and guest must vacate the premises immediatley.

Fireworks and smoking

No fireworks, profanity, indoor smoking, or indoor tobacco use of any kind allowed. Using fireworks will result in termination of rental agreement, and guests must vacate the premises immediately and without refund. If guests smoke indoors or uses tobacco of any kind indoors, there will be a minimum $500 fee and immediate termination of agreement without refund. (Yes, we can tell.)  Smoking is allowed outdoors on the front porch or back decks.  Please use the receptacles provided for for butts.


Cancellations made for reservations during the peak season (mid May to Labor Day), are given a full refund, minus one night plus tax at the average daily rate for the time frame of the reservation, if cancelled 120 days or more from scheduled arrival.  Cancellations made within 120 days of arrival receive no refund.

For all other times of the year, cancellations made more than 60 days prior to scheduled arrival receive a full refund, minus one night plus tax at the average daily rate for the time frame of the reservation. Cancellations made within the 60 days of arrival receive no refund.

As the owner, we are not responsible for our guest’s inability to arrive at their scheduled dates, or if guests chooses to depart early for any reason, or if members of the guest party do not show up.  No refunds or rebates will be made based on weather, power failure, flood, fire, earthquake, acts of God, civil or military disturbance, strike, acts of terrorism, war, epidemic or pandemic, riots, acts of government, change in guest’s work, or any other circumstances beyond owner’s reasonable control.

Guests are responsible to purchase at their option travel insurance to cover anything that may arise which would affect their ability to travel on their reserved dates or their ability to honor the rental agreement.

Travel insurance

Most of our larger groups reserve a home far in advance. We suggest checking into trip insurance for unexpected situations which may prevent you from traveling on the dates you have reserved if you are worried you might have to cancel within the nonrefundable period.

We do not sell trip insurance, but you can purchase it on your own. A few sites that are easy to use:

CSA Travel Protection
Travel Guard
Trip Insurance Store

Be sure to carefully read the insurance that you purchase so you know which cancellation reasons are covered and which ones are not.


The amenities listed for each home are for the use of that home’s guests only. If a number of your party is staying elsewhere, they are not allowed to use the amenities on the site of your reserved home. For example, the pools at Chateau Cove can only be used by guests staying in a home inside of Chateau Cove development.

Security deposits/Damage Waiver


The damage protection waiver covers accidental damage that is reported to the owner immediately.  It does not cover intentional damage, damage due to guest neglect, or unreported damages by check out. Maximum coverage is $1000-1500 depending house rented. Damages over the maximum coverage will be the responsibility of guest.


The security deposit is a hold placed on your credit card and is not actually charged.  The hold is released three days after departure as long as there is no damage above damage waiver limit, extra cleaning needed, or policy violations.

Security deposit is required for intentional or unreported damages or excessive cleaning or policy violations – valid credit card information is used for this purpose.

Guest property

As with other short term rental facilities, such as hotels, condos, vacation homes, etc., we are not responsible for personal items that are damaged, stolen, or left behind during your stay.  We ask that before you depart that you go through the home to ensure that none of your belongings are left behind.


Although we do everything possible to make your stay as pleasant and carefree as possible, we cannot control or be responsible for the weather or other unforeseen circumstances which may affect your stay.

Unforseen circumstances

In the unlikely event that any circumstance arises which would prevent the owner from being able to rent the home reserved by your group, the owner must be given an opportunity to remedy the situation or to find the guest an alternative accommodation.

Owner would be liable to return only the rent paid for reserved nights in which the home is unable to be rented, but not the nights reserved in which the home is able to be rented.

Illegal activities

No illegal or criminal activities allowed. If guest commits any illegal or criminal activities on the premises whatsoever, any rental agreement is terminated immediately and guests must vacate the premises without refund of any rent paid.


Any dispute initiated by guest in which the owner prevails will be subject to all administrative fees associated with the dispute. Any dispute which may arise between the owner and the guests which cannot be resolved shall be brought in the circuit court of Franklin County, Missouri, only. The non-prevailing party will reimburse the prevailing party’s legal fees, court costs, and any additional costs and administrative fees the prevailing party incurred from legal action.